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The Aldsworth summerhouse makes a welcome addition to any garden. The Aldsworth comes with an offset single door with antique […]


The apex garden shed is a traditional building which with the amount of design options that we offer should be […]

Apex Potting Shed

Do you like pottering about in the garden or growing your own plants? Then an Apex Potting Shed could be […]


Do you want your children to enjoy playing outside instead of sitting in front of the TV? Then let their […]


The Ashby summerhouse features a pair of mortice and tenon doors with silver hinges and handles and a fixed classic […]


The Barnwell is a heavy-duty workshop that gives you the opportunity to clear out your garage to make room for […]


The Barton is an original Georgian style summerhouse. The Barton features a pair of mortise and tenon doors with antique […]


The Boston Garden Office Pod with it’s larger configuration makes it ideal to be used as a work from home […]


The Chicago Garden Office Pod which offers large configuration options makes it ideal to be used as a work from […]

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